Red wine is drunk with meat. It seems like a fundamental rule of drinking well, but in reality it is just a little precise advice.

Red wine usually goes with meat because red wine is naturally richer in tannin than white wine. This depends on the way the different wines are produced (contact time with the skins, temperature, aging in wood).

Tannin, who is he?

Tannin is a chemical that occurs naturally almost everywhere. In particular, we are interested in that it is in the grape skin, in the grape seed (the stone!) And in the wood of the barrels.

Tannin is a natural preservative and among other things it helps red wine to generally need less sulphites than white wine.

The tannin in the mouth is astringent. It dries everything up and makes your tongue like a cat’s.

my cat is an alcoholic

Why do you drink red with steak?

Because the steak is greasy and juicy. Tannin is a cleanser, it cleans the tongue of all that blessed and wonderful grease. It makes your mouth look as good as new, ready for the next bite.

Therefore, the color combination of red wine & red steak has nothing to do with it. This is about chemistry. The tannin removes the fat from the meat and since white wine has little tannin, it is less suitable for meat that is too succulent and the result would be not very harmonious. You would risk losing the flavors of white wine, clouded by the fat in your mouth and penalizing the steak due to the acid in the wine.

Oh, then do whatever you like. Drink and eat what you want, in war and in love everything is allowed. And wine is both war and love. The conclusions are up to you.