Is there fruit in wine? Smell of flowers? But really?

When at the table one of our guests plunges his nose into the glass of wine, turns it over in his hands, smells again, we are there to ask ourselves what he found so strange inside while we already pour ourselves the third glass.

But since we were not made to live like brutes (an ancient Italian poet sayd so), let’s try not to make a bad impression and stop behaving […]

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What does vintage mean (on sparkling wines)

We often hear of “vintage sparkling wine” or “vintage champagne” with a very serious tone, almost as if the simple pronunciation of the word “vintage” could describe the wine we are about to drink or that could raise it in quality.

But what exactly does “vintage” mean?

It means that the year of harvest is indicated on the sparkling wine / champagne bottle. A vintage wine is produced with only grapes of […]

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Orange wines, orange coulored wines?

The orange wines, the “wines with orange color”. One of the latest fashions of the moment in terms of wine.

What are orange wines?

Orange wines, are wines produced from white berried grapes but vinified as if they were red wines. Then the must is left in contact with the skins for a prolonged time, much longer than it would normally be done for a white wine. Such long times allow the […]

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But why does red wine pairs with meat?

Red wine is drunk with meat. It seems like a fundamental rule of drinking well, but in reality it is just a little precise advice.

Red wine usually goes with meat because red wine is naturally richer in tannin than white wine. This depends on the way the different wines are produced (contact time with the skins, temperature, aging in wood).

Tannin, who is he?

Tannin is a chemical that occurs naturally almost […]

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The temperature of the wine. Should the wine be put in the fridge?

Whether it’s white or red, the temperature of the wine matters. Whether we want to taste a white, a red or a brulé or a grolla.

Should red wine never be put in the fridge?
Does white, on the other hand, always go to the fridge?
And the sparkling wine? Where do we put the sparkling wine? Help!

The temperature of the wine

The temperature completely changes our sensations. On a physical level it modifies […]

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The natural wine scam

When I find myself touring the length and breadth of Italy, I often take the opportunity to visit some local wineries. I check the maps, check the producers’ sites and everything there is to know about the region, the typical gastronomy products. I plan my trip also based on the choice of wineries and the route to take to reach them.

I exclude from my path all the wineries that mention […]

How to store the wine

Given that wine can be refrigerated, even red, it is necessary to find a way to store the wine after it has been opened. Sometimes it’s not possible to finish an entire bottle by yourself and opt to finish it the next day.

In some cases, a great deal is unintentionally made: there are some wines that need hours before expressing themselves to the fullest of their aromas and taste. This […]

Brut, extra brut, dry. What is the difference between all these sparkling wines?

When you buy a sparkling wine, whether it is prosecco or champagne or Franciacorta (which, oh well, have now become just commercial names that mean everything and nothing, sometimes there is not even a difference), the eye fell on a wording for many obscure but which is instead of fundamental importance for the success of the evening.

On the label of these wines there are these words:

Extra brut
Extra dry

There would also […]

The tears of the wine. Is he crying?


There is nothing more beautiful than turning the glass full of wine by holding it by the stem (we are drinking wine in a goblet … TRUE?)

In reality there would be a million other more interesting things to do, but I don’t think I need to digress.

We turn the glass, move the wine and we start looking at the so-called “tears” of the wine, fantasizing about what incredible and profound […]

How does Rosé wine is made?

Rosé wine, for as long as I can remember, nobody consider it. I don’t know why but it has always been considered a B-series product, strange stuff, there was little around. In my personal opinion, it will be a wine that will gain a lot of market in the next two years.


Because it is light, fresh, “goes down well”.
White wine is too, but for some years the producers have launched […]

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